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Amarcord un fat

It’s Sunday. When I was a kid, Sunday was a special day. Not only because we could sleep in a bit but because, after a week of work and school the whole family came together. In the summer I remember going for bike rides with my father. We always went the same way but each time it was a bit different. Each ride was different from the others. When the weather was bad we went towards the centre of town where my father would meet lots of different people and for everyone there was a greeting, a few words, a joke.....

Everyone knew the Cobbler. That’s right, Mezzogori the Cobbler!....

When it was close to lunch time, which my father changed from one Sunday to the next according to how many people he met, we started for home, often pedalling like crazy to justify a dignified capitulation before my mother who as always would complain that we were late. But even if we were late, each time we called in at the cake shop to get some cakes .... after all it was Sunday! For the last bit of the ride I held the package aloft with pride, my finger through the string that held it together. We were home. Lunch was always an occasion, but the best part came at the end when, inevitably, my father started recounting events, stories, anecdotes about his childhood, the first years he was working, his military service during the second world war, scenes of the life of his family, stories that were always the same but each time contained some extra detail, a fresh comment. There was always something to laugh about.

That was my Sunday with my family

This is where the name of our B&B comes from - “Amarcord un fat “ (“I remember something” for those not from Romagna) because we wanted to give this place a sense of family, where anyone can spend some hours of peace and quiet and sit round a table with us to tell some stories that they feel like telling.  We can provide the family to do the listening!